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This Epidemic highlighted the importance of robust digital economy where digitalization is accelerating while 5G is at the cusp of scaling across Asia Pacific. We foresee, ubiquitous connection and intelligence, Big Data, Cloud and combinations of real and virtual will spread everywhere in the near future.

Therefore, we at ZTE would like to cordially invite you to the virtual event of “GSMA Mobile 360 APAC 2021”, scheduled from 5th to 21st Oct 2021 hosted on the GSMA official website ( ). During this event, we would showcase our innovative 5G cloud-network architecture, demonstrate ZTE's successful intelligent transformation cases in multiple industries and digital transformation of enterprises.

This will also be a fantastic opportunity for your company to meet industry thought leaders from Asia Pacific region whilst exploring new business models and commercial values together. We look forward to seeing you there.

Yours Sincerely

Senior Vice President
ZTE Corporation

Day 1
Oct 5, 11:40 - 12:40
Theme Speech: Digital Transformation Network Develpment
Mr. Bai Yang
Vice President, ZTE Corporation
Oct 12, 11:00 - 11:30
Keynote: Pandemic Promotes Digital Transformation
Mr. David An
Director of CTO Group, ZTE Corporation
Oct 13, 11:00 - 11:30
Keynote: 5G+X Accelerate Enterprise Digitalization
Ms. Cécile Bucari
Solution Manager of CTO Group, ZTE Corporation
Powering a Continent
09:45-10:15 (CAT), Sep.29, Wednesday
Keynote - Bridge the Digital Divide, Scale Heights in Intelligence
James Zhang
SVP, President of MTO BG & Global Marketing
ZTE Corporation
09:00 (CAT), Sep.28, Tuesday
Short - Africa Sustainable Growth Needs AI-powered Low Carbon Radio Networks
Abdessattar Sassi
CTO UAE Office
ZTE Corporation
Connect for Impact
Coming Soon
Day 1
10:00-11:00(GMT+3) Sep.14,Tuesday
Empowering a Data-Driven Society
Mei Zhonghua
11:30-13:00(GMT+3) Sep.14,Tuesday
AI Amplifies 5G for Digital Transformation
Ling Zhi
Day 2
16:00-16:05(GMT+3) Sep.15,Wednesday
Welcome Speech
Mr. Tang Luhao
CEO of ZTE Russia
16:05-16:15 (GMT+3) Sep.15,Wednesday
Embracing 5G Together (Latest Progress Introduction of ZTE)
Artem Puzin,
Senior Solution Manager, ZTE Russia
16:15-16:45(GMT+3) Sep.15,Wednesday
Road to 5G (Architetrue, Spectrum, Site, Capacity and Efficiency)
Vasilyi Elansky
Head of wireless and Core Solution section, ZTE Russia
16:45-17:00(GMT+3) Sep.15,Wednesday
5G Industrial Use Case Analysis and Best Practice
Egor Manyukov
Integrated Comprehensive Solution Manager, ZTE Russia
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